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Why Phoenix DryLINK?

Sep 08 2022

DRYLINK’S FAST AND ACCURATE DATA COLLECTION WAS CREATED TO MAKE THE RESTORER’S LIFE EASIER Smart devices and connected equipment have made our lives easier, more…

Phoenix DryLINK Integrates with Encircle to Streamline JOBSITE DATA COLLECTION

Aug 30 2022

Contractors Gain Access to Advanced Jobsite Data Collection Tools and Drying Reports September 2 – Madison, WI – Phoenix Restoration Equipment, a leader in the…

How to set up a phoenix drylink account

Aug 29 2022

WATCH THE HOW-TO VIDEO OR READ THE STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS 1. Go to the App Store or Google Play to download the DryLINK app. 2. Add…

Use Phoenix DryLINK to Support Your Team

Jul 12 2022

When a hurricane or major storm hits, you and your crew juggle countless water restoration projects a day. That means a lot of time is spent on both driving from job to job and collecting the readings.

Are Rising Gas Prices Impacting Your Restoration Business?

Jun 03 2022

Gas prices are at an all-time high and show no signs of dropping. Now more than ever, it’s crucial to find ways to save money on energy costs.

ServiceMaster by Bone Dry Case Study

May 13 2022

Mold outbreak in a Florida college dorm On two separate occasions, the HVAC system was knocked out at a Florida college dorm. Because there was…

Are Smart IoT Moisture Meters Right for Your Business?

May 06 2022

Phoenix Restoration Equipment Partners with the University of Wisconsin–Madison IoT Systems Research Center to Enhance DryLINK

Contractor Connection partners with Phoenix Restoration Equipment

May 04 2022

Contractors Gain Access to Advanced Jobsite Data Collection Tools and Drying Reports Crawford & Company® (NYSE: CRD-A and CRD-B), the world’s largest publicly listed independent…

DryLINK Makes Sure You Get the Job Done — And Get Paid For It

Apr 29 2022

One User’s DryLINK Testimonial We know how important it is for contractors to have correct documentation of their jobs. That’s why DryLINK is the best…

New Features for the Phoenix DryLINK Ecosystem App

Mar 23 2022

Setting up your job has never been easier. Phoenix Restoration Equipment is excited to announce four new software enhancements to our DryLINK app. Our Bluetooth-enabled…