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Innovative Bluetooth Beacon

An easy-to-use, adaptable Bluetooth beacon.

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The DryTAG is an innovative Bluetooth beacon with an accelerometer. It can be added to any brand of equipment and any type of equipment. You can use the DryTAG to bring all of your equipment into DryLINK, receive alerts if the equipment is turned off, and use it for asset tracking. You even get the last known location on a map for free!

Battery info:

The DryTAG battery is a CR2477 extended life coin cell style battery.  It should have an operating range from -30C to +70C.


  • Gives last known location on a map with no monthly fee
  • Automatically provides usage and serial number to drying reports
  • Integrates seamlessly with the Phoenix DryLINK app and DryPHONE
  • Can be added to any brand of equipment
  • Receive a notification if the equipment is turned off or loses power for any reason

Drying jobs, made easy

DryTAG appears in the app, even when not in use, includes a sensor to show nearby equipment to save time during job setup, automatically provides days of use and serial numbers to drying report, provides an hour meter for cumulative run time on the job and identifies last known location on a map without a no monthly fee.

Find peace of mind with job status and equipment alerts

DryTAG logs when equipment is turned off and includes a battery life indicator with notifications.

Add a DryPHONE, get even more drying benefits

Delivers alerts when equipment is turned off in real-time and provides usage data remotely.

PLUS an additional benefit when built-in to Phoenix Equipment

Our DryTAG automatically registers into your company’s equipment list, including the make, model, manufacturer and serial number.

Inventory tracking

Last known location shown on a map — with no monthly fee. Advanced asset tracking coming in 2022 for a fee.


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