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Innovative Bluetooth Temp/RH Sensor

The most versatile Bluetooth temperature and relative humidity sensor on the market.

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The Phoenix DryTAG RH is an innovative Bluetooth beacon with temperature and relative humidity sensors designed to measure directly from the outlet of a dehumidifier or act as a standalone thermo-hygrometer. Data collected from the DryTAG RH is then streamed automatically to your technician’s phone or to the DryPHONE (optional) and drying report.

The DryTAG RH can also be attached to the outlet of any dehumidifier allowing it to report into the DryLINK® app, making any dehumidifier a smart dehumidifier.

It also contains an accelerometer to let you know if your dehumidifier has been turned off or lost power.

Plus, you can add the Phoenix DryTAG RH to any brand of dehumidifier.


  • Use as a standalone thermo-hygrometer
  • Add any dehumidifier to DryLINK with automated data collection of psychometric readings
  • Built-in accelerometer tracks hour of usage automatically
  • Easy retrofit — just mount to the inside of the outlet grill

How to use Phoenix DryTAG RH

Introducing the Phoenix DryTAG RH

DryLINK: Calibrate your Sensors

The DryTAG RH sensor has all the benefits of DryTAG plus…

Use as a standalone thermo-hygrometer to automate the unaffected area, affected area, HVAC, or outside conditions, add any dehumidifier to DryLINK with automated data collection of psychometric readings, built-in accelerometer tracks hours of usage automatically and can notify you if equipment is turned off, easy retrofit — just mount to the inside of the outlet grill, serial number, hours of usage, manufacturer and model automatically transferred to the DryLINK drying report.

Find peace of mind with job status and equipment alerts

Select users to receive alerts, and know when the filter needs to be changed.

Add a DryPHONE, get even more drying benefits

Alerts include: when dehumidifier not connected/no power (with DryPHONE), high/low chamber temp/RH (with DryPHONE), GPP slow to decrease with selectable time and GPP (with DryPHONE)

Remote monitoring with DryPHONE

Stream data every 15 minutes from any dehumidifier or as a stand-alone thermo-hygrometer with DryPHONE.

Inventory tracking

Last known location shown on a map — with no monthly fee.