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Remote Monitoring for Drying Jobs

Stream job-site data easily.

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Our DryPHONE makes keeping track of your DryLINK products easy. It integrates seamlessly with the Phoenix DryLINK ecosystem using the DryLINK App to automatically upload data from drying jobs to the cloud quickly, leaving you more time to do the job.

The included DryLINK app allows you to track performance and make adjustments on the go.

You also get job status alerts instantly.


  • Access-from-anywhere convenience
  • Real-time alerts of your choice
  • Instant atmospheric and moisture readings
  • Case, activation fee and monthly data plan of 600 MBs for one full year
  • Enter daily readings remotely
  • Allows you to plan your daily visits based on actual conditions

The only approved device to provide remote monitoring to all of your DryLINK® enabled devices

Our DryPHONE technology automatically uploads data from drying jobs to the cloud.

Alerts to help you keep up with what’s happening on the job site

Alerts include: when a goal has been reached, chamber temperature is out of range, chamber RH is out of range, chamber GPP not decreasing, equipment is turned on or off, last known location of the unit, battery replacement is needed, the filter needs to be changed, job started or ended, and job not completed on time

Integrates seamlessly with the Phoenix DryLINK app

The DryPHONE comes pre-programmed with the Phoenix DryLINK app, allowing you to track your projects easily.

Worry less with DryLINK technology

Our DryPHONE is designed to be left on a job for remote monitoring and instant notifications.


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