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DryLINK Contractor Video Series

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Work Your Jobs Better, Faster and More Efficiently

The Phoenix DryLINK ecosystem allows you more time to do more jobs and is built for ease of use, meaning you don’t have to spend valuable hours training your team. Because your drying data is available through the DryLINK app, you can focus on the things that matter the most and not spend all your time and energy manually collecting data.

We asked some restoration industry leaders to share their experiences using the Phoenix DryLINK system. Watch the video to learn how DryLINK helps them take readings and document their drying jobs resulting in fewer trips to the site and less paperwork.

DryLINK Contractor Video Series


Improve the efficiency of your work, ensuring maximum compensation and ROI.


Troubleshoot equipment and job set-up issues remotely.

When we’re running many jobs, we absolutely save hundreds of hours using the DryLINK system.

Published on Oct 27 2022

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