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DryLINK Asset Manager


DryLINK Financing with Taycor Financial

Phoenix Restoration and Taycor Financial have joined forces to offer affordable financing options for DryLINK Asset Manager. Recognizing that initial expenses can be significant, we’ve customized our financing plans to align with your needs. 

Don’t let budget constraints hold you back from using DryLINK Asset Manager. Click the button below or visit to apply for affordable financing options and start managing your assets with ease today!

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Easily Monitor and Track Your Assets

Manage all your jobs and have visibility into your equipment so you can decide where assets and employees are sent next. This cutting-edge asset tracking system requires no human interaction and can be used with cars, trucks, semis, warehouses, jobs, and temporary locations during events. Click the button below to schedule a free demo.



Phoenix DryTAG


Tag All Equipment with DryTAG or DryTAG RH Bluetooth Beacons. These Beacons send out information every 10 seconds when running and every minute when not running.

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Phoenix DryTAG RH


Use DryTAG RH when doing asset tracking and automatically gathering psychrometric readings from non-smart dehumidifiers in DryLINK.

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DryLINK Mobile Gateway

All vehicles and warehouses must have gateways installed to read DryTAGS.

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Asset Manager uses DryLINK job names and addresses for accurate locations.

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Optionally use DryPHONE for updates every 15 minutes from the jobsite including run time.

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A new, small, low-cost asset tracking beacon from Phoenix which can be added to any brand of equipment and used with DryLINK Asset Manager.

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Advanced Equipment View


  • Last read time & last user 
  • New battery reset
  • Move to maintenance
  • Search By – Equipment name, serial number, location, address/coordinates, last job name, model, type, size, manufacturer 
  • Selectable Filters – General Type: air mover, dehumidifier, air scrubber and other
  • DryTAG UUID – Filter by untagged and tagged equipment, our statuses include available, inactive, on job and missing



  • At a glance view of vehicles, warehouses, jobs, and their associated equipment
  • Vehicle locations updated every five minutes
  • Quickly toggle from location to location with card view
  • Filter on locations and equipment statuses



  • Equipment summarized by location and Xactimate category
  • Add custom columns
  • Manage your individual column view
  • Export to CSV
  • Easily toggle to Map or Table View
  • Filter on locations and equipment statuses



Equipment is tracked in your warehouses, on your vehicles, and on your jobs with no human interaction.  Know what is available and where it is located at all times.

Reduce Inventory Management

No need to take inventory or cycle counts of warehouses, trucks, or trailers.  Replace Bin Systems and no need to check trailers or vehicles to see if they are stocked properly.

Major Vehicle or Trailer Theft

Accurately and immediately know what exact equipment was involved in order to start the insurance claim and accurately claim a business loss.

Reduce Unpaid Site Visits due to Equipment Left Behind

Eliminate the feeling of thinking you forgot something; instead, receive a notification that you did forget something.

Vehicle Locations

Know at 5-minute intervals where your gateway enabled vehicles are located (i.e. were my techs actually where they claim they were?).

By Proximity, Deploy Assets Effectively, Respond Quickly During an Event

See vehicles on a map with a quick view of available equipment.  Use table view to see total assets grouped by Xactimate categories.

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Receive Jobsite Status Updates

Keep track of run-time and location.  If you use a DryPHONE, which is optional, you can receive notifications every 15 minutes if equipment is turned off or is no longer reporting in.

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See Where Labeled Assets Are Located

Assign assets to a branch location, a vehicle, or an employee or any label, and then filter by assignment.  (i.e. show me all equipment which belongs in Truck 1).

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Continual Monitoring for Lost Equipment

If equipment is lost or stolen, we will continually monitor all DryLINK assets to see if any lost equipment sends updated GPS coordinates from ANY DryLINK app and alert you if found.

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Unnamed Icon

Can display a list of equipment left behind, missing or not added to the job by job name, address, or GPS coordinates.

Reduce Asset Overbuy due to Better Asset Utilization

Don’t buy more than you need during an event just because you do not know where your equipment is located.

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Differentiate Rented, ComMingled, Owned

Quickly differentiate (identify) and locate equipment Rented, owned by different companies, assigned to different locations no matter how many units are mixed.


The differences between DryLINK Asset Manager and other Bluetooth systems:

  • DryTAG has an accelerometer which provides runtime information.
  • Phoenix is building Asset Tracking into its equipment so that DryTAGs will not be needed in the future.
  • Bluetooth technology allows tags to be used in both DryLINK for jobs and DryLINK Asset Manager.

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