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Phoenix Restoration

LGR Dehumidifiers

Bluetooth Enabled Restoration Equipment that Helps You Do More with Less.

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Smarter, Tougher and Totally Totable

Lightweight, stackable and with a tough roto-molded exterior Phoenix DryLINK enabled LGR Dehumidifiers are designed just for the restoration industry. A smartly designed form-factor allows for easy service access AND allows you to securely store the power cable and condensate hose with the unit.

Faster, Easier and Incredibly Intelligent

Our Bluetooth capabilities add data logging to your drying jobs. Coupled with an intelligently designed control panel that lets you see job details at a glance as well as LED status lights that let you see operating conditions at a glance, DryLINK Dehumidifiers are the smartest, most connected products on the market.

Lighter, Better and Really Reliable

Phoenix dehumidifiers feature our cutting edge five-coil or our patented three-coil refrigeration systems. Our three-coil pumps allow us to have the smallest and lightest dehumidifiers in the industry, and our condensate pumps come with a three-year warranty.

Phoenix DryMAX XL PRO

The Most Advanced LGR Dehumidifier

works twice as hard in half the space
Phoenix DryMAX BLE Dehumidifier

Phoenix DryMAX BLE

The Smallest Large LGR Dehumidifier

Small Package, Big Results
DryMAX XL LGR Dehumidifier

Phoenix DryMAX XL LGR

The First Ever Ultra-Portable XL LGR Dehumidifer

The Most Bang for Your Buck

DryLINK—Dry Faster, Dry Smarter With the Power of Bluetooth

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Take readings in seconds, from anywhere and any time.*

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Monitor your drying jobs remotely—day or night.*

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Get alerts when your equipment is turned off.*

Download DryLINK drying reports quickly & easily.

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Keep track of your equipment’s location, anywhere on earth.*

*NOTE: DryPHONE must be present at the job site.

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Phoenix DryLINK is the Best Total Dehumidification Ecosystem for Your Restoration Jobsite

Stack Your Equipment, and Your Savings

Stack your AirMAX BLE’s for easy storage and transportation. Do more with less.

Phoenix DryTAG RH

Add the power of DryLINK to all of your equipment with DryTAG RH

The Phoenix DryTAG RH is a Bluetooth beacon with temperature and relative humidity sensors. It can be used as a standalone thermo-hygrometer or it can be attached to the outlet of any dehumidifier allowing it to report into the DryLINK® app. It also contains an accelerometer to let you know if your dehumidifier has been turned off or lost power. You can add the Phoenix DryTAG RH to any brand of equipment to make any dehumidifier a smart one—that’s the power of DryLINK.