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Mobile Gateway 

Say hello to streamlined connectivity.

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In order for Asset Manager to perform correctly, every warehouse and vehicle that stores or transports equipment should have a gateway.

Every dehumidifier on the market including DryMAX XL and DryMAX BLE (Smart Equipment) will need a DryTAG. If your dehumidifier is not Smart and you want to take advantage of DryLINK for jobs (including automated temperature and RH), please install a DryTAG RH.

Any equipment to be tracked (including Air Movers, HEPA units, Hydroxyls, etc.) will need a DryTAG or a DryTAG RH.

The DryLINK Asset Manager Gateway has three 3-year batteries onboard. It transmits even when vehicles are off. It can also be used in storage warehouses and temporary staged locations.


  • GPS location updated every five minutes
  • Instant scan button included
  • Can be used for mobile warehouses
  • Bluetooth, cellular, and GPS antennas included
  • Can be used completely on battery power
  • Additional antenna kit available to scan fully loaded semi-trailers
  • “Sticky” technology solves cross-talk


DryLINK Mobile Gateway

Here is a reference of everything you will need to get started.

Part No. 4042615


Antennae Kit for Gateway

If you need an extension for long vehicles, you got you covered.

Part No. 4043425


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