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Why Phoenix DryLINK?


Smart devices and connected equipment have made our lives easier, more productive and safer for the last two decades. According to Statista, forecasters predict more than 75 billion Internet of Things-connected devices will be in use by 2025—suggesting smart machines and the technology behind them are here to stay.

You’ve likely upgraded your business systems and use mobile devices and apps to communicate with your techs, but have you overhauled your drying equipment, asset tracking systems, and reporting systems with Bluetooth-enabled equipment that allows for remote monitoring?

The Phoenix Solution: DryLINK®

DryLINK is a revolutionary, Bluetooth-enabled equipment management and productivity system that helps restorers do their jobs efficiently, productively and accurately. 

Through a mobile app, restorers connect to DryLINK sensors they attach to their equipment and accessories, giving them long-range capabilities to record important data anytime, anywhere. This means fewer trips to the job site, less tedious paperwork, and less frustration with working with insurance adjusters. With the powerful connectivity of DryLINK, restorers can save between three to four hours per project so they can handle more projects at once. And when that happens, more businesses can return to business and more homeowners back home.

Gain your competitive edge with connected restoration equipment

Smart devices and connected equipment such as the Phoenix DryLINK® Ecosystem were designed explicitly for the restoration industry and can speed job site setup, monitoring, and documentation. Companies must adapt to stay ahead as competitive pressure increases in the restoration industry. Adding smart, connected restoration equipment from Phoenix will give your company an advantage over the competition.

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Published on Sep 08 2022

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