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During a water restoration job, technicians must monitor the affected area, dehumidifier outlets, and the moisture content of materials in each drying chamber one to two times per day. Before Phoenix DryLINK®, restoration contractors relied on manual recordings, which are time-consuming and more prone to human errors, creating challenges in billing and working with insurance providers.

At Phoenix, our mission is to create products and tools that save restoration professionals time, money, and hassle during every step of a drying job. After identifying the challenges restorers face during their jobs’ documentation and billing phases, we set out to develop the DryLINK Ecosystem, a Bluetooth-enabled productivity and equipment management system.

Remote Monitoring

DryLINK is a free mobile app that lets you connect to your Bluetooth-enabled equipment and accessories, giving you long-range power to manage equipment and take accurate readings instantly or to schedule readings to be taken automatically without onsite technicians.  DryLINK’s remote monitoring capabilities also help you monitor the progress of all your jobs remotely.

Labor Savings

DryLINK is a connected digital ecosystem that uses sensors to take readings and document your drying jobs resulting in less trips to the site and less paperwork. The benefits? An increase in the efficiency of your crew and reduction of labor costs.

DryLINK is built for ease of use, so you don’t have to spend valuable hours training your team.

Labor is a challenge for us every day, not just finding workers for the jobs, but also finding equipment, managing inventory, and having everything we need. DryLINK changed the way we do business

Getting Paid

Getting paid is a common pain point for restoration contractors. DryLINK offers accountability and reliability that justifies your labor and equipment usage to get you paid. Because DryLINK gets the readings directly from sensors every time, it eliminates human error. This makes the drying data more likely to be accepted by insurance claims adjusters.  It also gives you verified run-time and location information for all of your equipment. 

From residential flood cleanup and restoration to large commercial jobs requiring extensive equipment and labor, DryLINK significantly improves the efficiency of your work, ensuring maximum compensation and return on investment.

Find the answers you need about the benefits and features the Phoenix DryLINK app, connected devices and drying reports offer. 

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Published on Feb 27 2023

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