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Contractor Connection partners with Phoenix Restoration Equipment

Contractor Connection partners with Phoenix Restoration Equipment to bring DryLINK ecosystem to its contractor network

Contractors Gain Access to Advanced Jobsite Data Collection Tools and Drying Reports

Crawford & Company® (NYSE: CRD-A and CRD-B), the world’s largest publicly listed independent provider of claims management and outsourcing solutions to carriers, brokers, and corporations, is pleased to announce a partnership with Phoenix Restoration Equipment (Phoenix) to provide its DryLINK ecosystem to Crawford’s Contractor Connection® 6,000-member network. Through the DryLINK ecosystem, contractors will have access to jobsite data collection tools and drying reports, helping to drive efficiency in lieu of recent skilled labor shortages. As the insurance industry’s largest network of credentialed contractors, Contractor Connection is trusted by market-leading insurance carriers to deliver consistent quality service when property damages occur to help restore the lives of the insured. The DryLINK ecosystem is an app-based jobsite data collection tool that uses Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular technology to completely automate data entry on the jobsite and build the drying report. With DryLINK, contractors can save 3-4 hours per job taking readings in-person or remotely and prioritize onsite visits based on remote readings. Contractors can then instantly share a link to the drying report to keep adjusters and other stakeholders appraised as to the progress of the job.

We are proud to partner with a leading industry company like Crawford’s Contractor Connection and to see the continued expansion of DryLINK as the only complete jobsite data collection ecosystem.”

We are pleased to bring in technology that will offer remote moisture readings, increase process efficiency, and create more accurate documentation. Making our contractors more efficient leads for faster claim resolution and repair, ultimately creating better customer experiences for policyholders.”

About Contractor Connection®

Contractor Connection, an industry leader in contractor-managed repair and home improvement
services, provides insurance carriers and consumers a national network of residential and commercial
contractors that are vetted and managed for performance, measuring quality, timeliness and customer

About Crawford®

Based in Atlanta, Crawford & Company (NYSE: CRD‐A and CRD‐B) is the world’s largest publicly listed
independent provider of claims management and outsourcing solutions to carriers, brokers and
corporations with an expansive global network serving clients in more than 70 countries. The
Company’s two classes of stock are substantially identical, except with respect to voting rights and the
Company’s ability to pay greater cash dividends on the non-voting Class A Common Stock (CRD-A) than
on the voting Class B Common Stock (CRD-B), subject to certain limitations. In addition, with respect to
mergers or similar transactions, holders of CRD-A must receive the same type and amount of
consideration as holders of CRD-B, unless different consideration is approved by the holders of 75
percent of CRD-A, voting as a class. More information is available at

Published on May 04 2022

Last Updated on May 16 2022

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