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DryLINK Makes Sure You Get the Job Done — And Get Paid For It

Drylink makes sure you get the job done – and get paid for it

One User’s DryLINK Testimonial

We know how important it is for contractors to have correct documentation of their jobs. That’s why DryLINK is the best option for data collection —  our sensors allow you to collect data in real time, leaving you with more time to focus on what matters. And add a DryPHONE, and you can monitor your jobs from anywhere.

Check out one of our DryLINK fans said about their experience using our technology:

We were trying to get paid for this job for approximately a month or so after we pulled the equipment out of the two townhomes. I was driving down the road and received a call from the adjuster who was looking for ‘proof’ and justification to pay our invoice for the amount of time that the equipment was on the job. The most beautiful thing happened because of DryLINK. I pulled my truck over and, with a push of a button from the DryLINK app, was able to send him 100% verified information and prove the equipment was not only on the job, but that the equipment did its job.  That made the entire job indisputable, and I was able to get paid for the entire job without anyone asking me to cut my invoice.

Published on Apr 29 2022

Last Updated on May 04 2022

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