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How DryLINK Helped ServiceMaster by Bone Dry Solve Big Problems

Mold outbreak in a Florida college dorm

On two separate occasions, the HVAC system was knocked out at a Florida college dorm. Because there was no A/C for an extended period of time, Bone Dry was hired to stabilize the building and clean up the mold that had developed. The job lasted twenty-one days with thirty-five Phoenix DryMAX XL dehumidifiers, nine Phoenix DryPHONES and twenty-eight Phoenix air scrubbers.

Who is ServiceMaster by Bone Dry?


ServiceMaster by Bone Dry is an IICRC Certified Firm and continues to train and keep up to date with the latest technologies in the industry.

For this reason, ServiceMaster by Bone Dry required an ecosystem of restoration products using sensors that would not only efficiently dry the affected areas but would also provide the building consultant and the insurance adjuster days of use, location information and psychrometric readings using a “live” drying report from DryLINK.

ServiceMaster by Bone Dry
Faced Three Big Challenges


Proof of equipment performance and job site location

POSSIBILITY OF not getting 100% of the invoice paid

“At the end of the job, because I not only kept them informed of the status, but was able to supply the adjuster and the building consultant a link to the equipment and the performance of the equipment, I was once again paid 100% of my invoice,  and NOTHING could be disputed as far as the monitoring data the equipment location and time on the job.   This app proves what was on the job and that accurate data is being collected.   As long as we use the Phoenix sensors and equipment there is nothing that can be disputed.   I am such a believer that with every extra dollar that our company makes,  we reinvest that money into Phoenix products.”


President – Mitigations at ServiceMaster by Bone Dry

The Solutions

Phoenix DryMAX XL

Product info

Phoenix Air Scrubbers

Product Info

Phoenix DryPHONE

Product Info

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Published on May 13 2022

Last Updated on May 19 2022

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